"You already have everything you need, friend"- me to you

This is not a do more, be more, produce more group.
*cue deeeeeeeeeep breath*

This is an intimate group coaching experience for individuals who:

Are looking for a fresh perspective on their business that is solely THEIRS

Want to dive deeper into the StrengthsFinder™ inventory and how to apply it to all things life & business

Could use a little community right now to support, encourage & speak truth, in return for the same

No more wheel spinning

That little, yet loud, voice that says you
need to be/do                  ? Byeeeee


Group Coaching Program

Talents, Traits & Truths


My gifted, driven, friend!

this is for you

heart-focused Program


is truly the core of work I love & the culmination of my education career meets 10 years running a small business. 

As a Strengths-based educator, I first had the opportunity to implement the StrengthsFinder™ in a college campus setting as an advisor and faculty member. I saw impact first hand of how understanding our natural talents and know what to do with them can change everything with 18 year olds who felt like they had to have it all figured out. 

Over the last 7 years I've had the privilege of bringing this conversation to non-profits, classrooms, 1:1 coaching and creative industry retreats. Now it's time to recreate that original classroom with YOU for my first ever online group experience! I'm grateful you're considering grabbing a seat :)    


Keep reading for all the details!

what's included

Weekly Live Hangs

Thursday, August 1, 8, 15, & 22nd
Replays available, too, in case you can't be with us live.

Inventory Access

To receive your full 34-theme StrengthsFinder™ list!

Deep Dive Work

Delivered weekly in our live hangs, so you can be productive as we move through our modules!

New Friends

Who will be a part of our time together & hopefully to connect outside, too!

Bonus Week- August 29!

In addition to the 4 weeks of deliverable content, to participate in business strategy "love seats" with the group!

I can’t wait to begin! Sign me up!


when Do we Start?

Coming August 2020

Our classroom is online

Live meetings every thursday in August 

who's invited?

You know you're in the right spot if:

You're ready to reposition your business and/or career around your Strengths

You want a brand and client experience that is undeniably you

You want your relationships, professional and personal, to bring out the best in you and them

what you'll learn

Consider this your mini-syllabus

into a classroom that welcomes comfy clothes, all the questions & snacks (duh!)

Your 5, 10, & 34: a comprehensive walkthrough of your StrengthsFinder™ results

Enough said, I’m in!

week 1

week 2

week 3

week 4

week 5

The 4 Domains: applying your results in a team grid + relationship perspective

3 Key Biz Pillars: auditing your current biz brand, client experience, 
and service offerings through your specific Strengths lens

Dreaming big: goal setting, outsourcing & next steps, individualized for you

BONUS WEEK! Live business strategy Love Seats with the group & me!

Hi, I'm Laura! 

A Kansas girl who has called Florida home for the last 6 years. I'm a portrait & brand photographer who left her higher ed office 3 years ago to run my now *almost 10* year old business full-time. 

I brought the classroom with me and truly love coaching, speaking, teaching in all sectors; corporate, public education, and creative. My bachelor's focus was counseling and that also hasn't left me-- people and their stories fuel all of the work I do. And fun fact? I have no relationship building Strengths in my top 5... whoa! I know... we'll talk about it in group :) 

We recently added on to our 1950's urban Tampa block home, and now run an Airbnb out of the new space (aka have a "stranger" roomie in our midst most nights!) Oh, and the we? That's my high school sweetheart J, a theater teacher/actor/educational consultant for creatives. And our little girl, McCartney, lover of all things Disney, carbs & "adventure now, mommy?"

Truly can't wait to learn everything about your life, Strengths, dreams... ahh!

Laura Foote, M.Ed.

photographer + educator
Laura Foote photography

I can't wait to get to know you! 

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August Program:
4 weeks + love seat week bonus!

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